to the website or blogspot of Rev. Fr. Michael Chris Mugisa-Mujule,
a Missionary Priest of Hoima Catholic Diocese, Uganda, East AFRICA.

 A Missionary from AFRICA?  

GOD told Abram:
Leave your father's land, your father's house, and your relatives, and go to a land I will show you.
Abram went as the LORD GOD directed him. (Genesis 12)

JESUS said: 
As the Father sent me, so do I send you: Receive the HOLY SPIRIT (Jn 20:21-22)Jesus sent them ahead of himself to towns and places he himself was to visit (Luke 10:1)


Why write this blogspot?
This blosgpot is a response to St. Rose of Lima parishioners' request to learn about Father Mujule's Pastoral Ministry among his people of Hoima Diocese, in UGANDA, whom he served before coming to the USA, Aug 23rd, 2006.

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Father Mujule Comes to the USA

Fr. Michael Chris Mujule travelled on August 22nd, 2006 all the way from Hoima Catholic Diocese, UGANDA, East Africa, to come as a Missionary International Priest to minister in the Belleville Catholic Diocese in State of Illinois in USA. On August 23, 2006, the feast day of St. Rose of Lima, Fr. Mujule arrived in Belleville and stayed at the residence of Belleville Diocesan Bishop Edward K. Braxton.  Then on November 10th, 2006, Fr. Mujule was given the appointment letter to go and minister to the Christians of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in the city of Metropolis, State of Illinois.

Fr. Mujule had earlier on come to the USA for his Master's Degree in Education at the University of Portland, Oregon's Catholic University, USA, 1983-84 sent for studies by Bishop Albert Edward Baharagate of Hoima Diocese. Fr. Mujule's University of Portland's scholarship was given him by the Holy Cross Fathers. The Holy Cross Fathers, Brothers and Sisters worked in the Dioceses of Hoima and Fort Portal, in western Uganda, East Africa

Official Diocesan Appointment of Fr. Mujule

JUNE 10th, 2012:
His Excellency, the Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton, is pleased to announce the appointment of the Reverend Michael Christopher Mujule, as Parochial Administrator of 3 extra neighbouring Parishes: St. Mary Parish, Mound City; St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish, Grand Chain; and St. Patrick Parish, Cairo; while continuing his ministry as Parish Administrator of ST. ROSE OF LIMA PARISH in Metropolis, Illinois.  The appointment is effective, Tuesday, July 10th, 2012.

NOV 10th, 2006:
His Excellency the Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton is pleased to announce the appointment of Reverend Michael Christopher Mujule, on loan from Hoima Diocese, Uganda, as Parish Administrator of ST. ROSE OF LIMA PARISH in Metropolis, Illinois. He is appointed to provide pastoral asssitance to Rev. Msgr. William McGhee, Pastor of St. Mary Parish in Mound City; St. Catherine Parish in Grand Chain; Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Ullin; and St. Patrick Parish in Cairo. This appointment is effective, Monday, November 13, 2006."

Fr. Mujule is grateful
to Bishop Edward K Braxton for accepting, on Bishop Deo Byabazaire's recommendation, to invite Fr. Mujule to come as Missionary InterNational Priest in Belleville Diocese. Bishop Braxton has invited many other International Missionary Priests to come and work in Belleville Diocese.

Fr Mujule, a Priest since 1978

Both Fr. Mujule and Fr. Joseph Kizito were ordained priests of Hoima Catholic Diocese, by Bishop Albert Edward Baharagate in the afternoon of Saturday May 13th, 1978, the Vigil of PENTECOST SUNDAY: NB: May 13th is also the Feast Day of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima. His parents are Daniel Ndahura Kasigwa (R.I.P. 1997) and Maria Kabonesa Kasigwa (R.I.P. 2001). Fr. Mujule was ordained at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Bujumbura Cathedral Parish.

Fr Mujule and School Education

In his years as a priest, Fr. Mujule has served as

  • St. John Bosco High School Seminary (Hoima District, Hoima Catholic Diocese): Rector and Teacher.
  • St. Andrea Kahwa High School (Hoima, in Hoima District): Religious Education Teacher. 
  • St. Adolf Tibeyalirwa High School (Muhorro, in Kibaale District): HeadTeacher
  • St. Margaret Mary Girls High school (Muhorro, in Kibaale District): School Founder.
  • St. Maria Catholic Primary School (Muhorro, in Kibaale District): School Founder

  • St. Adolf Tibeyalirwa High School became a Government Aided Secondary School - Kibaale District (with the help and recommendation of  Uganda Gov't Minister, Honorable, Matia Baguma-Isoke and Bishop Deo Byabazaire of Hoima Catholic Diocese)

  • St. Margaret Mary Girls High School became a Government Aided Secondary School - Kibaale District (with the help and recommendation of Uganda Gov't Minister, Honorable, Benigna Mukiibi and Bishop Deo Byabazaire of Hoima Catholic Diocese)

Fr. Mujule and Rural Community participation in School Education ....... the aim was to
  • Encourage small rural communities to establish primary schools at  village chapels
  • Encourage rural communities to establish Secondary Schools in their local areas 

  • Encourage rural women to form Women groups for improvement of Function Adult Literacy Skills (FAL) and for small scale village banks whereby these rural women can put together their funds and loan each other funds for their income generating small home projects

~ KKCR - The Kagadi-Kibaale-Community-Radio,
a local community radio sation called KKCR. 91.7 FM based at Kagadi Town, helped a lot Fr. Mujule in his giving of weekly Radio Talks on mobilizing the local community to support
  •  the parents in sending all their children to schools, be they private or government schools,
  •  Uganda Government's call for Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education - offer education for all children of school going age.
  •  Uganda Girls Education Initiative whereby the parents are encouraged to send their all their daughters of school going age) send the daughters to school - for advancement of Girl-Child Education.

~Fr. Mujule learnt a lot from his friend URDT's Mwalimu Musheshe.
Musheshe is the founder of an NGO called URDT , and Fr Mujule learnt a lot more from the programs of URDT. e.g Musheshe's
  • support for Girl Child education in establishing URDT Girls Schools - both Primary & Secondary schools,
  • founding of the first African Rural University (ARU) for Women in the East Africa Region,
  • visionary approach towards sustainable development of families & rural areas.

St Bernadetta Primary School - Bujumbura

St Bernadetta Primary School is Catholic Church Founded and is one of the oldest schools in Hoima Diocese. It has about 1400 students doing seven years of primary school education. Special thanks to Sr. Justine Mwesige, Headteacher, for the great effort she has put in educating the children.

In July 2011, St Bernadetta's school got 1000 BEDnets as donation from an NGO in USA called NETWORK AGAINST MALARIA

St John Bosco Seminary

In 1967 Bishop Cyprian Kihangire began St John Bosco Seminary as a High School Seminary for Hoima Catholic Diocese. The seminary began humbly with only 13 boys joining year one of high school after having finished 7 years of elementary education. In 1978 Hoima Diocese witnessed the ordinations of the first priests who had passed through that seminary. In 1979 Fr. Mujule was appointed Teacher and Dean of studies and Vocations Director at St John Bosco Seminary. Then In 1983- 84 was away for Master Degree in Education at University of Portland, Oregon, USA. In 1985-1990 Fr. Mujule was appointed the Rector of St John Bosco Seminary. Currently Rev. Fr. Joseph Bigirwa is the Seminary Rector.

St. Margaret Mary Girls High School

This school was begun by Fr. Mujule in February 2002 in response to Muhorro Parish and the local community's appeal to put up a secondary school for the girl-child.

The Rural Community wanted a girls school in their local area of Muhorro, and so Fr. Mujule began to mobilise the community for the start of St. Margaret Mary Girls Secondary School, at Muhooro Catholic Parish, Kibaale District, Hoima Catholic Diocese.

MISSION of the School:  
To support the Rural Girls to get good secondary school education and thus empower them for their future. Educate a Woman and you will have educated a Nation: EDUCATION IS EMPOWERMENT.


Construction of Village Churches

In the years of pastoral ministry in the rural areas of Muhoro Parish (October 1991 - February 2005) and Bwikara Parish (March 2005 - July 2006) Fr. Mujule witnessed the local people mobilising themselves to build their own local churches. Its the church leaders actively involved in the mobilisation of the local christian community to get finances, local materials and set up village chapels for their areas. Special thanks to Friends of Fr. Mujule who helped some of these communities to construct the village churches. God bless you abundantly!

NETwork Against Malaria

In October 2006 during Fr Mujule's stay at the Bishop's Residence in Belleville Diocese, Illinois USA, Bishop Edward K Braxton of Belleville Diocese encouraged Fr. Mujule to visit some American homes and get a feel of the catholic families in the Diocese.

Fr. Mujule visited one family that picked interest in the pastoral work he had been doing in Hoima Diocese. Having been told of the diverse ministry of Fr Mujule's involvement in rural parish life, in rural education, Girls education and women's self-help groups that particular family decide to begin to fundraise for the money for buying BEDnets to be sent to the families in Uganda. NETwork Against Malaria is a Non Government Organization NGO began by that family in Belleville City of State of Illinois, USA. The five daughters in that family gave talks to students in different elementary and secondary schools and in universities and local communities where many are now active members of NETWORK AGAINST MALARIA.

NETwork Against Malaria Blog

Hoima Catholic Diocese


Hoima Diocese website
Have a look at Hoima Diocese

The Diocese of Hoima belongs to Uganda's Ecclesiastical Province of Mbarara Archdiocese. Hoima Diocese was erected on 9th August 1965, being made up of areas cut off from Fort Portal Diocese and the former Lubaga Archdiocese.  It started with 7 Parishes and now has 39 Parishes, with more to be opened in the future.

HOIMA DIOCESE has had these 4 Ordinary Bishops.

#1- Bishop Cyprian Kihangire, the founder, began Hoima Diocese on Aug 9th, 1965, up to Dec 19th, 1968 when he was transferred to be Bishop of Gulu Diocese, in Northern Uganda.
#2-  Bishop Albert Edward Baharagate, was ordained a Bishop on Aug 1st, 1969, he was installed Bishop of Hoima on Oct 5th, 1969, and he resigned on March 9th, 1991. 
#3-  Bishop Deogratias Byabazaire, on Aug 18th, 1990 was ordained Co-adjutor Bishop of  Hoima, became Ordinary Bishop of  Hoima Diocese on March 9th, 1991 and died on Feb 8th, 2014 after long illness.
#4-  Bishop Vincent Kirabo was ordained and installed as 4th Bishop of Hoima on Feb 28th, 2016

Thank you Bishop Lambert Bainomugisha
Thanks to Bishop Lambert Bainomugisha who has been serving as Apostolic Administrator of Hoima Diocese since Nov 13, 2009 to Nov 30th, 2015 and his the appointment for Hoima was announced on Dec 8, 2009. Pope Benedict 16th appointed Bishop Lambert to help Bishop Deo Byabazaire whose health was poor, and Bishop Deo died on Feb 8th, 2014 after long illness.

On Monday Nov 30, 2015, Pope Francis appointed Fr. Vincent Kirabo as New Bishop of Hoima Diocese.  The news of the appointment came a day after Pope Francis had just concluded his Apostolic Pastoral Visit to Uganda, Nov 27-29th, 2015.

Hoima Diocese covers a total area of 17,200 square kilometers or 6,643 square miles, covers all government districts of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom. The Catholic Church in Hoima Diocese has done a lot in the field of education, evangelization, and socio-economic development to help the people of Bunyoro.

BUNYORO KINGDOM & Hoima Diocese.
Both cover the same area, comprised of administrative centers as mentioned here: Masindi (in the northern part of the diocese, Hoima ( in the central), and Kibaale (in the south). Hoima Catholic Diocese is found in western Uganda along Lake Albert, which borders with another country called the Democratic Republic of Congo or the DRCongo.

 Uganda is also know as the Land of the Uganda Christian Martyrs. Two of these Uganda Martyrs are from Hoima Diocese, i.e. St. Andrew Kahwa and St. Anatoli Kirigwaijo. In Hoima Diocese, the Uganda Martyrs Guild, and the Catholic Charismatic Renewal are the two very active Lay Apostolate Movements that have brought in many fruits of the Holy Spirit's renewal to the Diocese.

NEW SAINT (to-be) Sister Amadeo Byabali from Hoima Diocese
Hoima Diocese is rejoicing at the good news of Sr. Amadeo Byabali whom Rome has declared "Servant of God" and is on way to "Sainthood". She belongs to Bunyoro tribe and was born in Bunyoro Kingdom (now Hoima Diocese) and joined the Bannabikira (Daughters of Mary) Sisters, Bwanda - Masaka. God willing, Sister Amadeo will be the first woman saint in Bunyoro, in Hoima Diocese and in Uganda

People's Economic Activities

The people of Hoima Diocese are from different tribes. The major towns of Hoima, Masindi and Kagadi have set up some tourist centers of attraction and some good hotels for the tourists accomodation e.g. Kolping Hotel, and Kontiki Hotel and Crown Hotel all found in Hoima Town the seat of Hoima Catholic Diocese, Bunyoro-Kitara Anglican Diocese and of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom.

Africa's big population is rapidly expanding and so is Uganda's population: as result today there are many internal migrations in search of better land and water. Because of the migrations to Bunyoro, Land has become a hot issue in Bunyoro and at times some migrations have caused some tribal tensions in some areas. Many peoples of other tribes have migrated to Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom, e.g. migrants have come from the south are the Bakiga, Banyankole, refugees from Rwanda, from the north came the Alur, Acholi, Langi, Lugbara, from the west the Congolese refugees, from far north the refugees from Southern Sudan, and then there are the Banyoro people who are the natives of the area.

And 90% of the diocesan population is involved in agriculture, but mainly subsistence farming of food crops like sweet potatoes, corn/maize, bananas, cassava, millet, upland rice, beans, and groundnuts. For cash crops they have coffee, tea, tobacco, cotton, and mainly beer bananas.  Those along Lake Albert do fishing and some livestock farming.

Uganda's recent discovery of oil on the shores of Lake Albert that borders with DR Congo, is goodnews for the economic recovery of Bunyoro — there is a prospect for oil drilling and refinery in the near future. 

Vocations to the Priesthood


St. John Bosco Seminary was established in 1967 by Bishop Cyprian Kihangire the founding Bishop of Hoima Diocese. The Seminary was began so as to give high school seminary priestly formation boys of secondary education.

After high school seminary the students go to Uganda's National Major Seminaries of either~ Alokolum Seminary (in Gulu Archdiocese) or ~ Katigondo Seminary (in Masaka Diocese) for B.A. Degree in pre-theologate priestly seminary formation.

After pre-theologate studies, the students go out to the parishes for one year of Pastoral-Spiritual Year. Then they go to either: Kinyamasika Seminary (in Fort Portal Diocese) or Ggaba Seminary (in Kampala Archdiocese) for 4 years of theologate seminary formation. St. Mbaga Seminary belongs to Kampala Archdiocese but also trains some seminarians from Hoima Diocese.