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The Diocese of Hoima belongs to Uganda's Ecclesiastical Province of Mbarara Archdiocese. Hoima Diocese was erected on 9th August 1965, being made up of areas cut off from Fort Portal Diocese and the former Lubaga Archdiocese.  It started with 7 Parishes and now has 39 Parishes, with more to be opened in the future.

has had these 4 Ordinary Bishops.

#1- Bishop Cyprian Kihangire, the founder, began Hoima Diocese on Aug 9th, 1965, up to Dec 19th, 1968 when he was transferred to be Bishop of Gulu Diocese, in Northern Uganda.

#2-  Bishop Albert Edward Baharagate, was ordained a Bishop on Aug 1st, 1969, he was installed Bishop of Hoima on Oct 5th, 1969, and he resigned on March 9th, 1991. 

#3-  Bishop Deogratias Byabazaire, on Aug 18th, 1990 was ordained Co-adjutor Bishop of  Hoima, became Ordinary Bishop of  Hoima Diocese on March 9th, 1991 and died on Feb 8th, 2014 after long illness.

#4-  Bishop Vincent Kirabo was ordained and installed as 4th Bishop of Hoima on Feb 28th, 2016

Thank you Bishop Lambert Bainomugisha
Thanks to Bishop Lambert Bainomugisha who has been serving as Apostolic Administrator of Hoima Diocese since Nov 13, 2009 to Nov 30th, 2015 and his the appointment for Hoima was announced on Dec 8, 2009. Pope Benedict 16th appointed Bishop Lambert to help Bishop Deo Byabazaire whose health was poor, and Bishop Deo died on Feb 8th, 2014 after long illness.


On Monday Nov 30, 2015, Pope Francis appointed Fr. Vincent Kirabo as New Bishop of Hoima Diocese.  The news of the appointment came a day after Pope Francis had just concluded his Apostolic Pastoral Visit to Uganda, Nov 27-29th, 2015.  Rt. Rev. VINCENT KIRABO was ordained Bishop of Hoima on Feb 28, 2016. The news of the appointment of the new Bishop, was greeted with great joy in the Diocese. It was good news of  God's Gift to Hoima Diocese as the Diocese was preparing to celebrate Golden Jubilee the 50 years of existence 1965-2015. By providence Bishop Vincent is named KIRABO - in Runyoro Language the word KIRABO means GOD'S GIFT. Yes for Hoima Diocese that was waiting to celebrate 50 yrs, his appointment was and is indeed God's gift to Hoima Diocese. Blessed be God forever.

Aug 9, 1965 - Aug 9, 2015

Rev. Fr. Agaptus Hector Businge 

He is a priest of Hoima Diocese.
He has written a very good books on the History of Hoima Diocese.
The Book Titles are as follows

A HISTORY OF HOIMA CATHOLIC DIOCESE: PRIESTLY AND RELIGIOUS VOCATIONS (Hoima Catholic Diocese Golden Jubilee: Aug 9, 1965 - Aug 9, 2015).  (The Book has ISBN  978-9970-9537-0-7).


BISHOP ALBERT BAHARAGATE AKIIKI. Mission Achievements and Legacy: Diamond and Golden Jubilean

Thanks to Fr. Agapitus Businge the Editor of the 3rd Book. Fr A. Businge contacted several people the Laity, the Religious and the Clergy who contributed articles about Bishop A.E. Baharagate. Among the many witters is Fr. Michael Chris Mugisa Mujule who wrote about the Hoima Diocese Synod and also  about Church Missionary activity in Hoima Diocese during time of Bishop A. E. Baharagate as Bishop of Hoima.

Fr. Agapitus Hector Businge has worked as Teacher at St John Bosco Seminary, as Hoima Diocese Director of Vocations, and then for many years as Director of Pastoral Spiritual Year National Formation Program of the Uganda Episcopal Conference. His wide experience in Vocations Office enabled him to write a book on the History of  Hoima Diocese with special emphasis on Priestly and Religious vocations.

HOIMA DIOCESE and June 3rd 2017 


Hoima Diocese led the National celebrations for Uganda Martyrs Day on June 3rd 2017 where Thousands descended on Namugongo for Martyrs Day 2017.........as pilgrims came from far wide, and near, yes there were Millions celebrate Uganda Martyrs Day .

Some of the pilgrims walked from many parts of Uganda and some walked from neighbouring countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania , and DRCongo to come to Namugongo. Hoima Diocese registered 3450 Pilgrims who walked from Hoima Diocese to Namugongo Martyrs Shrine. For many it was quite a faith testing experience to walk for more than 150 miles or 240 kilometers

You can see the many beautiful photos of Hoima leading Uganda Martyrs Day 2017

Hoima Diocese covers a total area of 17,200 square kilometers or 6,643 square miles, covers all government districts of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom. The Catholic Church in Hoima Diocese has done a lot in the field of education, evangelization, and socio-economic development to help the people of Bunyoro. Hoima Diocese covers the same area as BUNYORO KINGDOM  see video

 Uganda is also know as the Land of the Uganda Christian Martyrs. Two of these Uganda Martyrs are from Hoima Diocese, i.e. St. Andrew Kahwa and St. Anatoli Kirigwaijo. In Hoima Diocese, the Uganda Martyrs Guild, and the Catholic Charismatic Renewal are the two very active Lay Apostolate Movements that have brought in many fruits of the Holy Spirit's renewal to the Diocese.

Special thanks to Fr. Agapitus Hector Businge of Hoima Diocese for writing a book on Uganda Martyrs especially the Martyrs from Hoima Diocese and beyond. The Book entitled: MARTYRS and Unknown CHRISTIAN WITNESSES: Hoima Diocese and Beyond. (Book  has ISBN 978-9970-9537-1-4) The Book takes a look at the life of these Martyr Saints: St. Andrea Kaahwa, St. Anatoli Kirigwaijo, the Servant of God - Sister Amadeo Byabali, and others who are from Hoima Diocese and beyond.

NEW SAINT (to-be) Sister Amadeo Byabali from Hoima Diocese
Hoima Diocese is rejoicing at the good news of Sr. Amadeo Byabali whom Rome has declared "Servant of God" and is on way to "Sainthood". She belongs to Bunyoro tribe and was born in Bunyoro Kingdom (now Hoima Diocese) and joined the Bannabikira (Daughters of Mary) Sisters, Bwanda - Masaka. God willing, Sister Amadeo will be the first woman saint in Bunyoro, in Hoima Diocese and in Uganda


Special thanks to the MISSIONARIES OF AFRICA (M.Afr) (formerly known as WHITE FATHERS) for their hard work in evengelizing Bunyoro especially in the parishes in the Central and Southern part of Hoima Diocese: Hoima and Kibaale Vicariates respectively. Missionary Fr. Omer Direkcx (M.Afr) was my mentor when as newly ordained priest I was appointed to work with him at Bujuni Parish, Hoima Diocese (Aug-Dec 1978). Special thanks to Brother Max Gmur (M.Af) who helped set up Hoima Diocese Construction Department: together with Bro Karl Schubert (M.Afr) they began St Simon Peter Vocation Technical Institute, in Rwenkobe , Hoima  for the training of  youth in the field of mechanics, carpentry and building.

Special thanks to the HOLY CROSS FATHERS (C.S.C.) who worked briefly in Bunyoro (1961-1965) when Bunyoro was still under Fort Portal Diocese till  Aug 9, 1965 when Hoima Diocese was created. They worked mainly in Hoima and Masindi areas now called Vicariates. The Hioly Cross gave Scholarships to Hoima Diocese for priest to be trained in USA Holy Cross Universities: e.g. Fr. Michael Chris Mujule,  and Fr. (now Bishop) Vincent Kirabo at University of Portland, State of Oregon, USA, and Fr .John Mary Mzee Kihika at St Edwards University, Austin, State of Texas, USA

Special thanks to the COMBONI MISSIONARIES (formerly known as VERONA FATHERS) for their hard work in evengelizing especialy the northern parts of Bunyoro in Masindi Area now known as Masindi Vicariate. I remember my dear friend and mentor Comboni Missionary Fr. Gino Stocherro and his love for people of Hoima Diocese. Fr. Gino Stocchero he helped me a lot to appreciate value of being a missionary.

Special thanks to the Religious Sisters of MISSIONARIES OF AFRICA (formerly known as WHITE SISTERS) for their had work in the evangelization of people in parishes in upper Bunyoro area that is in the now known as Hoima and Masindi Vicariates.